Luis Cherubini

Luis Cherubini is a Venezuelan actor, born on January 30 1992 in the city of Barquisimeto. His life took a huge turn when he decided to leave everything behind in his country because of the lack of opportunity and political crisis of his native country Venezuela. He arrived in Hollywood in 2017, Immediately started writing and producing his own projects, working day and night to dabble in the industry. In 2018 he decided to write, produce, and direct a Short Film for which he received many praises, since then, he has worked constantly in his love for the craft and pursuing acting as a career. He has starred in many films like "Lecciones de mi Madre" "Los Pollitos' ' Both finalists to win film festivals like Venice short films awards, LA indie film festival among others. In 2020 Luis had more appearances in films like "two weeks to 29" and the limited series "The sleepers'' both playing the leading role and both expected to be released early in 2021. Now with new management and publicists, the projections indicate that Luis will be one of the new Latinx faces in the entertainment industry.

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